Teen Who Lost All Four Limbs Wins $12.6M Award in Vaccination Lawsuit

01/16/2012 // WPB, FL, USA // Injury Lawyers News // Nicole Howley

Miami, FL — A vaccination error that led to loss of all four of a teenager’s limbs has yielded a $12.6 million verdict against the University of Miami medical school. The multi-million verdict was decided Friday, 13, 2012, reported Fox News.

The $12.6 million award is likely to be reduced by the judge, because the jury found that Shanian Rolle’s mother did not give her enough medication—leaving her partially at fault.

Rolle, who lives in Miramar, had her spleen removed as a newborn 13 years ago. During this time, Rolle was given a vaccine designed to prevent infections, but the medication had already been expired for five months.

Rolle subsequently developed an infection that caused all four of her limbs to be amputated.

The University of Miami argued in court that Rolle would have developed an infection regardless of the vaccine, Fox News reported.

An appeal against the verdict is expected.

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