Brooklyn injury attorney: Two-car crash results in serious injuries of 1

12/06/2011 // New York City, NY, USA // New York City Accident Lawyer // Jonathan C Reiter

Brooklyn – On Saturday, December 3, 2011, A vehicle traveling along the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway careened off the elevated roadway and crashed into the street below after it was struck by another vehicle, according to reports received by Brooklyn injury attorney Jonathan C Reiter. The crash resulted in the injuries of two individuals.

As stated by reports and news sources, the accident occurred just before 8 am on the eastbound side of the BQE, near Greenpoint. According to reports received by Brooklyn auto accident lawyer Jonathan C Reiter, an off-duty police officer’s car was struck by a vehicle at approximately 7:55 am. After the initial impact, the officer’s car slammed into the guardrail, but did not stop there. The vehicle catapulted over the barrier and crashed onto the road below, as stated in reports.

The 28-year-old officer, who was not named, was extracted from his vehicle and sent to Bellevue Hospital Center. He was treated for a broken nose and injuries to his chest, spleen and spine. Brooklyn Injury attorney Jonathan C Reiter reports the officer was listed in stable condition.

The driver of the vehicle that hit the officer’s car, 35-year-old Christopher Maristany, reported his right front tire blew out, causing him to lose control of his vehicle. He suffered minor burns and bruises.

Maristany was transported to Elmhurst Hospital for treatment of his minor injuries, and was charged with driving with a suspended license, according to Brooklyn injury attorney Jonathan C Reiter.

According to Brooklyn injury attorney J.C. Reiter, in 2009, 256 traffic-related fatalities occurred, an all time low, according to the Department of Transportation. The New York City auto accident lawyer also highlights DOT reports released February, 2011 states 2010 traffic-related deaths rose 5 percent to 269.

According to information retrieved from NYC advocates Transportation Alternatives, an average of 317 New York traffic fatalities occur each year, meaning a New Yorker looses a life to traffic every 35 hours. Furthermore, an average of 3,774 serious injuries occur each year within the state of New York due to traffic accidents.

Leading New York City auto accident lawyer Jonathan C. Reiter states if you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a New York car crash, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and damages. Located in the Empire State Building, with more than thirty years of experience litigating the multifaceted claims of vehicular accident victims and their families, contacting Brooklyn injury attorney Jonathan Reiter with regard to your particular personal injury or wrongful death case may help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

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