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Many companies are scrambling right now to get through the busiest part of the year and to resolve end-of-year financial issues. That said, this time is ideal for a company’s human resources team to review the company’s employment files, policies, and practices and to make changes for the upcoming year.


The human resources team should review all employment policies and the employee handbook each year. By conducting a thorough review, a company can determine which policies remain effective. If a policy and the practice regarding the policy vary, the company can change one or both accordingly.


A company will likely wish to make a quick call to an employment law attorney to make sure that any changes in employment laws are reflected in both the handbook and in the company’s practices. If significant changes have been made, the company may wish to schedule a training session with an employment law attorney to ensure that all management-level employees understand the changes and can relay the information to other workers.


The human resources team should also review employment files to make sure the files contain all critical documents. Finally, the human resources team should ensure that all employment-related posters that must be posted by law remain posted and in good shape.


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