Victims Sue Sugarland for Indiana State Fair Stage Collapse

Victims Sue Sugarland for Indiana State Fair Stage Collapse


11/23/2011 // WPB, FL, USA // Injury Lawyers News // Nicole Howley

Indianapolis, IN — Forty-four survivors and the family members of the four people who were killed in the Indiana State Fair stage collapse have named county music band Sugarland in a lawsuit related to the tragic Aug. 13 accident. The lawsuit was filed on Tuesday, November 22, 2011, in Marion Superior Court in Indianapolis, USA Today reported.

The complaint, which is claiming breach of reasonable care to the victims, is seeking unspecified damages from Sugarland, producers, stage riggers and others associated with the show.

The suit asserts that the defendants had a duty to provide a safe concert environment and use reasonable care in the direction, set-up and supervision of the concert.

Neither the fair nor the state of Indiana was named in this lawsuit, but they are named separately in at least 40 other tort claims filed with the attorney general’s office.

One of the attorneys, among the 20 or more law firms representing the plaintiffs, asserts that Sugarland’s contract specified that the band had the final say on whether to cancel the concert due to weather.

According to officials, weather forecasters had warned that heavy rains and strong winds would pass through the fair about two hours before the storms hit. The strong winds toppled the metal scaffolding used to erect the outdoor stage, called the “Sugarpit,” which is an area reserved for Sugarland’s die-hard fans. The stage reportedly collapsed just four minutes after officials advised the concertgoers to seek shelter, as previously reported in “Sugarland Stage Collapse at Indiana State Fair Kills 5, Injures 40.”

The death toll ultimately reached seven people.

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