Three Pennsylvania High School Football Players Charged in Hazing Incident

Three Pennsylvania High School Football Players Charged in Hazing Incident


11/14/2011 // WPB, FL, USA // Injury Lawyers News // Nicole Howley

Lebanon, PA — Three high school students are facing legal action over a hazing incident that occurred during a summer football camp at Lebanon Valley College. The teens are facing charges of open lewdness as a result of the hazing allegations, reported ABC27.

The three teens were football players at Trinity High School in Camp Hill, and were attending a summer camp with the rest of the high school football team when the hazing occurred on July 19.

Lebanon County District Attorney Dave Arnold said the three upperclassman brought five younger students into a dorm room one-by-one, where they asked them football-related questions. If they answered the question correctly, they were given instructions to take a piece of pizza from a player who was holding a pizza box on his lap. But, what the younger players did not know was that the player holding the box had his genitalia inside the pizza box, ABC27 reported.

Two students would then jump out of the closet or some other location naked, where they would dance around the lower classmen. The allegations assert that the naked players would bump into the lower classmen with their genitalia in some cases.

The three teens were charged as juveniles.

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