Dallas Business Lawyer Offers Tips for Evaluating Employment Agreements

/cdklawyers.com// 10/28/2011

Keith Clouse, a Dallas business lawyer who specializes in employment matters, routinely negotiates employment agreements on behalf of his clients. In some instances, however, it may be best for the potential employee to take a more active role in evaluating the proposed terms of an employment contract.

Even large employers typically have some flexibility to negotiate proposed employment contracts. The individual considering a proposed employment agreement should determine at the outset what terms he is willing to accept, what benefits he can live without, and what the current trends and market conditions support. Doing advance research helps the employee understand the employer’s stance and may lead the employee to discuss a term that he had not previously considered. That said, the potential employee should be willing to compromise a little for an ideal position; even if the employer cannot grant a particular request, the employer may be able to offer something else that offsets the loss.

Although an individual should spend time researching and evaluating the proposed terms of an employment agreement, any person considering a proposed employment agreement should also seek legal advice before signing the contract. An experienced employment law specialist will be able to understand and to explain the legal effects of proposed terms, especially those regarding compensation, noncompetition, termination/resignation, and equity ownership.


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