CPSC: GE Monogram® Pro Rangetop with Grill Recalled for Explosion Hazards

CPSC: GE Monogram® Pro Rangetop with Grill Recalled for Explosion Hazards


10/27/2011 // WPB, FL, USA // Injury Lawyers News // Nicole Howley

Louisville, KY — The U.S. Consumer Product Safety (CPSC), Health Canada and General Electric-Appliances have announced a voluntary recall of GE Monogram® Pro Rangetop with Grill for explosion hazards the product poses to consumers. The CPSC announced the nationwide recall on October 25, 2011.

The recall was issued after discovering that the burners on the Rangetops operating on liquefied petroleum (“LP” or propane) may fail to ignite, or light if the gas control knob is left in a position between OFF and LITE. This poses a risk of delayed ignition or explosion.

“The Grill units operate on liquefied petroleum (‘LP’ or propane) or natural gas. The Rangetop units are either 36 or 48 inches wide with a stainless steel finish and the GE Monogram® badge located on the front center of the unit. The burner control knobs are located on the front panel that overhangs the cabinet. The model and serial numbers can be found on a label located behind the far left burner knob, or on the bottom of the unit. All LP models and only natural gas models that have been converted for use with LP gas are included in the recall. GE will notify known owners of natural gas units and provide a free repair for any consumers who converted their Rangetop with Grill to LP gas,” reported the CPSC.

The following models are involved in this recall:

• Brand: Monogram®

• LP Model #: ZGU364LRP, ZGU484LGP, ZGU486LRP

• Natural Gas Model #: ZGU364NRP, ZGU484NGP, ZGU486NRP

• Serial Number Begins With: AS, AT, AV, DS, DT, DV, FS, FT, FV, GS, GT, GV, HR, HS, HT, HV, LR, LS, LT, LV, MR, MS, MT, RR, RS, RT, SR, SS, ST, TR, TS, TT, VR, VS, VT, ZR, ZS, ZT

Consumers are advised to contact GE to schedule a free repair.

For more information concerning the product recall, consumers can contact General Electric toll-free at (866) 645-3956 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, or visit www.geappliances.com/products/recall.

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