Google Universal Makes a Comeback-Lawyer Marketing Benefits from Panda Update

Google Universal Makes a Comeback-Lawyer Marketing Benefits from Panda Update


10/14/2011 // Palm Beach, FL, USA // Rene Perras…… Le Buzz // Rene Perras

Lawyer marketing professionals have forgotten the value of Google Universal. As a result, lawyer web marketing has remained one-dimensional, lacks in creativity, and has become stale.

This forgetfulness will have to change in order to benefit from the recent Panda update. Also know as the Farmer update, Google’s latest twist is partly directed toward thousands of content farms that contain stale and repetitive content. Such sites are created by search engine optimization (SEO) companies hoping to improve their clients search engine results with the

As a result, Google’s Panda update has instituted a purge of sorts, thus ridding or penalizing websites that are reluctant to improve their tactics.

Change is painful, and for most this update if addressed properly will insure business longevity. Panda’s defined purpose is to improve the quality of the index by delivering the most relevant and usable content so searchers can receive an improved search result delivered by their queries.

It’s time to go “ back to school”, start respecting the English language, and all of its grammatical rules. Developing fresh, relevant, current and unique content may take more time and money, but in the long run it is the easier, softer way of thriving in the search engine marketing world.

Ranking website pages in the lawyer marketing industry seems to be the only fashionable tactic employed many lawyer SEO companies today. Have they all forgotten about Google Universal? It appears to be the case and it appears to be simply a case of expediency. The rewards simply outweigh the risks in this instance and holding on to a “business as usual” mentality means eventual negative consequences.

Google Universal made it possible for lawyer marketing consultants to use different elements such as, video, educational articles, press releases and images to be optimized along with regular web pages.

A well-optimized page will always be part of the equation that completes the law firm marketing circle, but it still remains a scripted and self-serving message. If a highly searched term can deliver a well-crafted article and video along with a website page, it will only result in enhancing the attorneys credibility in the searchers’ or potential clients’ eyes.

Not forsaking Google Universal, but having an eye on the Panda update means weaving a more diverse range of content into your attorney web marketing program, which in our experience, will help search engine optimization and deliver better quality traffic resulting in better cases if it is incorporated into the overall lawyer marketing program.

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