Private Employers Can Learn from Federal Government’s Guide to Telework

/ 10/15/2011

The United States Office of Personnel Management recently published a Guide to Telework in the Federal Government, It is intended to provide practical information to assist federal agencies implement telework arrangements with their employees. Telework (also known as telecommuting or working remotely) provides a way for employees to work from a different location. The benefits include decreased real estate costs for employers and increased flexibility for employees. Employment law legal risks do exist, so an employer should not jump into a telework arrangement without considering a few key issues.


A private employer who plans to implement a telework policy may wish to review the government’s publication since it outlines some initial issues an employer should consider. Such considerations include:
• Communication expectations (whether the employee will be available by telephone or e-mail and the expected time frame for the employee to respond to messages)
• Equipment needed by the employee to work off-site
• Security measures to protect sensitive data or other confidential information
• Training for teleworkers
• Eligibility for telework arrangements (whether based on past performance or other factors)
• Safety issues
• Whether a written agreement is needed to set forth the expectations and understandings of the employer and employee


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