FDA: Romaine Lettuce Recalled Over Listeria Contamination Fears

10/04/2011 // WPB, FL, USA // Injury Lawyers News // Nicole Howley

Washington, D.C. — A listeria contamination threat has prompted a California lettuce grower to recall 2,498 cartons of chopped or shredded romaine lettuce. The recall was issued due to concerns that the lettuce may contain the same bacteria which has led to the deaths to 13 people who consumed the contaminated cantaloupes in an earlier outbreak, reported CNN.

The contaminated lettuce was shipped to wholesale food service distributors in 19 states and Canada.

Random sampling of the lettuce uncovered listeria monocytogenes bacteria in one bag from a lot that was shipped on September 12 and Sept 13.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration and True Leaf Farms reported that no illnesses tied to the recalled lettuce have been reported.

The recalled lettuce was shipped and available for direct purchase at Cash & Carry Smart Foodservice warehouses in Oregon, Washington and Idaho. The recalled lettuce was also shipped to food service distributors in Alaska, Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Vermont. It also was sent to a distributor in Alberta and British Columbia, CNN reported.

The FDA advised consumers to dispose of the lettuce or contact the company to come pick it up.

Listeria infections can cause symptoms of fever, muscle aches and gastrointestinal problems. But, it usually only causes mild illness in healthy people. Those with weakened immune systems, elderly, newborns and pregnant women, are at higher risk for serious illnesses, which can cause miscarriages and stillbirths, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed.

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