Staten Island auto accident attorney: SUV Runs Stop Sign & Rolls Over Killing 1

09/18/2011 // New York City, New York, USA // New York City Accident Lawyer // Jonathan C Reiter

On Monday, August 29, 2011, a man in an SUV drove through a stop sign on Staten Island and triggered a car crash that killed one of his passengers and left another with a severed arm, according to Staten Island auto accident attorney Jonathan C Reiter. Jonathan C Reiter also explains the SUV flipped as a result of the collision. The driver of the SUV then fled the scene of the accident, according to information received by Jonathan C Reiter, but was arrested on Tuesday, August 30.

Staten Island auto accident lawyer Jonathan C Reiter stated that the driver has been identified as Brian Pittsley, 25, of Brooklyn. He has been charged with negligent homicide and leaving the scene of an accident.

According to reports, Pittsley drove his Chevrolet Suburban down Hillside Terrace in Great Kills, with seven passengers, and drove through a stop sign at Hylan Boulevard at approximately 9:45. A Nissan Sentra that was traveling along Hyland Boulevard subsequently slammed into the SUV. The SUV flipped and crashed into a parked car before coming to a stop. Pittsley fled by foot.

All seven passengers were rushed to Staten Island University Hospital after the accident, according to reports received by Staten Island auto accident attorney Jonathan C Reiter. Angel Riviera, 18, died at the hospital. A 17-year-old female passenger sustained serious injuries to her arm and underwent three surgeries to reattach the limb. She will need additional surgeries as well. The New York City injury attorney explains that other injuries sustained by the remaining five passengers include facial cuts, a hand injury and broken ankle.

The driver of the Nissan, 20-year-old Andrew Conte, also suffered trauma, but was listed in stable condition.

The NY Post reported that Pittsley has five prior arrests, with charges including grand larceny, assault, criminal mischief, petit larceny and resisting arrest, noted

Staten Island auto accident attorney Jonathan C Reiter.

Staten Island auto accident attorney Jonathan C Reiter explains that SUV rollover crashes account for over 10,000 traffic fatalities and serious injuries within the US each year. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) states that SUV’s maintain the highest rollover accident rate of any vehicle class.

Reiter explains that poor SUV design may not only contribute to the SUV rollover, but be responsible for subsequent passenger and driver injuries as well. According to New York City injury attorney Jonathan C Reiter, occupants in an SUV rollover accident are often injured after the roll, when the vehicle’s weak roof supports and pillars collapse under the weight of the vehicle.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in an SUV rollover crash, contacting a lawyer experienced in fighting for the rights of victims of SUV rollover crashes may be in your best interest. As a victim of an SUV rollover, you may be entitled to compensation for injuries, medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. Staten Island auto accident Jonathan C Reiter holds extensive experience in SUV rollover cases, and recently won a stunning liability verdict against Toyota for an SUV rollover of a RAV4 that left his client a quadriplegic.

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