Albuquerque Wheelchair-Bound Woman Says She is Banned From City Buses

Albuquerque Wheelchair-Bound Woman Says She is Banned From City Buses


09/19/2011 // WPB, FL, USA // Injury Lawyers News // Nicole Howley

Albuquerque, NM — A wheelchair-bound woman claims a city bus company, ABQ Ride, has discriminated against her by banning her from riding their buses. ABQ Ride has since confirmed the ban to News 13 that she was not allowed on the bus, reported KRQE.

Charyse Duvalle said to News 13, “The guy had told me that I had too much baggage on the bus, on the back of my wheelchair for the bus services.”

The ban was implemented not because she is in a wheelchair, but because of the amount of bags she has attached to her wheelchair.

The bags make it “nearly impossible” to properly strap the wheelchair to the bus, which creates safety hazards.

Duvalle, who says she’s being discriminated against, has since began protesting the bus company at its own bus stops. She claims she needs the bag with her at all times, because of her medical needs.

Duvalle further asserts that she has been allowed on the bus with her bag attached to the back of her wheelchair in the past.

In a statement to News 13 ABQ RIDE said, “We have talked with Ms. DuValle about the need to safely secure her wheelchair and will continue to work with her so that she is able to use the transit system in a manner that is safe for her and for all passengers.”

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