Lawyer Internet Marketing: Attorneys Don’t be a Recession Victim, Market Online

08/19/2011 // New York, NY, USA // Rene Perras…… Le Buzz // Rene Perras

New York, NY (Lawyer Internet Marketing News) — The worldwide recession showed no mercy, and it didn’t exclude lawyers. Many law firms across the nation felt the pinch as the rest of the economy was in a downward spiral. As some decided to limit business investment, and take a backseat until the economy started an upswing again, others decided to take a more proactive approach to the economic state, and began marketing on the Internet through attorney Web marketing plans.

As I’ve often said, “If the business isn’t coming to you, then you must go where the work is.” Taking an active role in drumming up business and investing in marketing efforts for your law firm is the smart approach to take in hard times, when the competition becomes even tougher.

That is exactly what businesses are doing around the world, as eMarketer predicts that advertisers will spend nearly $500 billion in 2011 on online advertising—a growth rate of 4.5 percent. By 2015, analysts believe online spending will make up almost 22 percent of total media spending.

With advertising investment figures like this, it’s apparent that marketing on the Internet is a highly successful form of advertising; otherwise no one would invest so much money—in hard times nonetheless—if it had not provided results for thousands of businesses.

Lawyers can use the recession to their advantage by making themselves visible to potential clients who may be seeking services related to the recession—like personal injury lawyers, divorce and family law firms and securities fraud lawyers. If you cannot be found on the Internet, and your law firm marketing program consists of a one-page ad in the local Yellow Pages—it’s likely no one will find you and your law firm may become another victim of the recession. In addition, since many of your competitors will be cutting back on their advertising budgets, the recession is a great opportunity to get a leg-up by creating more visibility for your firm while they wait for it all to blow over.

While the recession doesn’t directly impact all lawyers—personal injury attorneys—who work on a contingency basis are always at risk; the fact is that personal injury law firms are affected by the trickle down effect. The more people that are out of work, the less cars are on the road so the likelihood that they will be involved in a workplace accident or an injury accident decreases; lowering the total number of new cases potentially available and affecting the opportunity for your law firm to retain a new case. Once your client’s cases are settled and you don’t have any new cases coming in, you will begin to feel that recession pinch. The only way to combat this scenario is to continue to actively market and advertise your personal injury law firm to keep your law firm top-of-mind for potential clients.

The lawyer Internet marketing professionals at Cepac lawyer marketing believe that actively marketing on the Internet, through lawyer websites, Cepac-powered attorney newsrooms, and search and display advertising tools can make the difference between a successful marketing plan and a mediocre attorney advertising campaign.

Cepac lawyer marketing agency offers highly effective Internet marketing, advertising, social media campaigns and online public relations; along with more traditional lawyer marketing approaches including television, radio and print advertising.

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