SUV Crashes Into Roof of Kansas City Home, 2 Injured

SUV Crashes Into Roof of Kansas City Home, 2 Injured


08/25/2011 // WPB, FL, USA // Personal Injury Lawyers News // Nicole Howley

Kansas City, MO — A speeding SUV catapulted into the roof of a house Wednesday night, August 24, 2011, which left two people injured. The SUV accident occurred around 8:41 p.m., at a home located at East 43rd Street and Kensington Avenue, reported KCTV5.

According to police officials, they received a report of a white Chevrolet that had landed on the roof of a two-story home. When police arrived they found the SUV driver sitting on the home’s roof, while three other people remained inside the damaged vehicle.

Responding emergency crews rushed two of the three people inside the SUV to an area hospital for medical treatment. They are expected to recover.

The SUV was reportedly speeding north on Kensington when the driver lost control on a hill by the home. The hill acted like a ramp, which catapulted the SUV into the roof of the home.

The residents of the home were inside at the time of the crash. A delayed bedtime likely saved two little girls inside the home, because the SUV crashed into the second-story bedroom.

The roof and second story was damaged as a result of the crash.

Investigations into the SUV crash are underway. The area Red Cross is assisting the residents, who were not allowed to sleep in their home following the wreck.

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