‘Fear Factor’ Stuntman Falls 6-Stories; 2nd Accident in a Month for the TV Show

09/06/2011 // WPB, FL, USA // Personal Injury Lawyers News // Nicole Howley

Hollywood, CA — A “Fear Factor” stuntman was injured after falling six stories to the ground while testing a stunt for an upcoming episode of the game show. This marks the second incident to occur involving the television show, reported TMZ.

The “Fear Factor” stuntman reportedly broke both of his ankles, after hitting the ground feet first when his safety mechanism failed during a jump from six stories high.

A back-up safety mechanism reportedly helped to slow down the fall.

Medics, who were on standby, rushed the stuntman to an area hospital for treatment of his injuries.

“Fear Factor” producers told TMZ, “Safety is our first priority, and because of that we test these stunts repeatedly with trained stuntmen to ensure our contestants’ well-being.’ They added that this particular stunt was part of their standard safety process, and wished the stuntman “a very speedy recovery.”

A “Fear Factor” contestant was also injured in the last month when a collision occurred during a stunt. According to officials, the woman was reportedly riding on top of a truck with a safety harness on when the driver of the stunt truck — which was traveling less than 20 mph at the time — hit a parked car that was part of the stunt. The driver’s vision reportedly had been blocked for a moment when the accident occurred. She reportedly sustained no major injuries and was released from the hospital after a few hours, as previously reported in “Fear Factor Contestant Injured in Stunt Accident.”

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