Lady Gaga Sued for Copyright Infringement of ‘Judas’

08/08/2011 // WPB, FL, USA // Personal Injury Lawyers News // Nicole Howley

Chicago, IL — “Born This Way” singer Lady Gaga is being accused by a Chicago-based musician of infringing on her copyright by lifting “substantial original portions” of her song “Juda,” reported Reuters.

The copyright infringement lawsuit, which was filed Wednesday, August 3, 2011, in the Northern District of Illinois, claims that Rebecca Francescatti recorded a version of her “Juda” song during a 2005 session engineered by Brian Gaynor, who worked with Gaga on her album “Born This Way,” which released “Judas” as a single from the award-winning album.

The lawsuit asserts that there’s “a substantial similarity between the two songs.”

Gaynor, Interscope Records, and its parent company, Universal Music Group, as well as DJ White Shadow, were named in the copyright infringement lawsuit.

Francescatti is seeking unspecified damages, plus court costs and attorney’s fees.

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