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(Lawyer Internet Marketing News) — Legal blogs are an important component of web 2.0 and for lawyers, as they are an essential tactic in any successful lawyer Internet marketing strategy within the legal industry. An attorney blog provides a platform for lawyers to have a voice, share an opinion or comment on the civil justice system and legal industry.

If it is done correctly, with the goal of educating in a natural and organic fashion, the by-product will reach potential clients who are in need of their services as an attorney. This is what true lawyer marketing is all about—helping others in need. As a result, their law firm marketing on the Web will greatly be enhanced and they will be well on their way to creating a powerful law firm Internet brand.

Just like any other business or industry, lawyers need to actively market themselves in order to create business for their law firms so they can be retained by new clients. Legal blogs are a sophisticated way to attract new and potentially lucrative cases; as the Internet is becoming the accepted medium for regular folk to do their research, and gather the necessary information that will assist them in making the best decision for themselves or a loved one.

But, if you’re still not convinced on why your law firm needs a lawyer blog, here are a few reasons why your attorneys should begin pounding the keyboard:

1. People Love Helpful Information: Attorneys can offer helpful and pertinent information to injured victims and their families on their lawyer blog. This allows your law firm to showcase its knowledge in the legal field and how you can possibly help them receive the justice they deserve by drafting meaningful content that speaks directly to the potential client. If your law firm offers quality, thoughtful and educational information on your lawyer blog, potential clients will become confident with your legal capabilities and will continue to reference your law firm blog, this will likely lead the individual to call and have one of your law firm attorneys represent them.

2. Advertises Your Law Firm: With the help of an experienced lawyer marketing agency, a lawyer blog is an effective vehicle to communicate and create brand awareness about your law firm on the Internet. Drafting meaningful and influential legal content that aligns with the victim’s post-injury state-of-mind, your law firm can get a message across to the potential client that will stick with them and help them make a decision to hire your law firm for their legal needs.

In addition, high quality and key word rich content on your lawyer blog can actually rank in the top spot of search engine results pages (SERP) and boost your lawyer website’s SERP, thus creating higher visibility for your attorneys.

3. Allows Your Law Firm to Create Earned Media: A lawyer blog-hosting site, built specifically for attorney needs by Cepac lawyer marketing, syndicates your lawyer blog postings directly to the top social media and news sites. This specialized feature allows potential clients to comment and share your lawyer blog postings on social media sites, which acts as consumer feedback and earned media. If a potential client finds your legal blog posting particularly helpful or informative, they may share it with their friends on Facebook or Twitter. This creates earned media, which acts as a vote of confidence and helps with SERP rankings on some search engines.

In addition, if an influential person shares your legal blog posting, it may also prompt others to visit your lawyer blog or lawyer website, likely leading to an increase of new lucrative cases for your law firm.

Cepac lawyer marketing, who has worked almost exclusively with attorneys for over 20 years, offers a state-of-the-art lawyer newsroom software platform called Smart News Technology. This lawyer blog hosting platform is a unique product for lawyers, as it is an online, private label newsroom designed to match the brand of your law firm. These attorney newsrooms allow your lawyers to post law firm updates, commentary, news articles, press releases, and other content that attorneys choose to add. The Smart News Technology lawyer blogs are also equipped with a search engine optimization feature, which gives your lawyer blog postings the best chance for pickup on search sites such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Smart News Technology is virtually the only product available that offers attorneys and law firms this exclusive ability to establish high visibility and improve search engine and website rankings.

CEPAC, a lawyer marketing and legal advertising agency, offers top-notch lawyer marketing services like newsrooms, social media and advertising campaigns, along with more traditional lawyer marketing approaches including TV advertising, radio, and print advertising.

For more information on lawyer Internet marketing, a lawyer blog, website design for attorneys, SEO for law firms or Smart News Technology, contact Rene Perras or visit Cepac.com.

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