Iraq War Veteran With No Legs Ejected from Darien Lake Roller Coaster, Killed

07/12/2011 // WPB, FL, USA // Personal Injury Lawyers News // Nicole Howley

Buffalo, NY — An Iraq war veteran who lost both of his legs to a roadside bomb was killed when he was ejected from a 208-foot-tall roller coaster in upstate New York. The roller coaster accident occurred Friday, July 8, 2011, while on the Ride of Steel roller coaster at Darien Lake Theme Park Resort, reported the Rochester Democrate and Chronicle.

According to police, Sgt. James Thomas Hackemer was ejected while on the roller coaster, prompting some to ask if he should have even been allowed on the ride in the first place.

Hackemer’s relatives say they don’t put blame on the park for his death.

But, others say rider responsibility and operator responsibility should be considered when deciding if someone should be allowed on a ride.

According to the roller coaster’s posted rules on the park’s website, guests with “certain body proportions” may not be able to ride the Ride of Steel, but no specifics were listed. On at least two other roller coasters at the park, it specifically bars people without both legs from riding the coasters.

Investigations are underway into the roller coaster accident.

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