New York City aviation attorney presents results from the NTSB Most Wanted list

/ C. Reiter/ 07/05/2011

(New York City aviation attorney news) – The National Transportation Safety Board published its annual “Most Wanted List,” on June 23, 2011, according to a press release from the organization. New York City aviation attorney Jonathan C Reiter explains that the list is presented each year in order to address issues that need attention, improve safety and save the lives of passengers across the United States. The announcement was made at a press conference in Washington, DC, according to information retrieved by New York City aviation attorney Jonathan C Reiter.

As reported by General Aviation News, NTSB Chairman Deborah A.P. Hersman explained, “The NTSB’s ability to influence transportation safety depends on our ability to communicate and advocate for changes.” She described the Most Wanted List as “the most powerful tool we have to highlight our priorities.”

While the NTSB points out that the United States has not experienced a fatal, large commercial aviation accident since February 2009, it explains that 450 individuals were killed in general aviation crashes in 2010.

The NTSB further states that general aviation experiences the largest number of accidents of all sectors in aviation. The fatality rate for general aviation is six times higher than small commuter and air taxi operators, according to the NTSB and New York City aviation attorney Jonathan C Reiter.

New York City aviation attorney Jonathan C Reiter explains that general aviation received the most attention within the top 10 list. General aviation-related goals highlighted within the Most Wanted List include:

  • Improve general aviation safety
  • Promote pilot and air traffic controller professionalism
  • Address human fatigue
  • Require safety management systems
  • Improve runway safety
  • Require image and onboard data recorders

The NTSB explains that “reducing GA fatality rates requires improvements to the aircraft, flying environment, and pilot performance.”

The organization explains that maintenance personnel need to remain up-to-date in their training and continually pay particular attention to key systems within the field, such as electrical systems. The NTSB further points out, that even with the highest performing equipment, “the best aircraft in the world will not prevent a crash if the pilot is not appropriately trained and prepared for conditions.”

The NTSB emphasizes education and awareness as key factors to preventing accidents and fatalities.

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