Lawyer Marketing: Facebook ‘Social Search’ Game-Changer- Is Google Worried?

07/01/2011 // New York, NY, USA // Rene Perras…… Le Buzz // Rene Perras

(Lawyer Marketing News)– Facebook has changed how people communicate with one another, how we receive information and how we reconnect with old friends and family members. Now Facebook has their sights on changing how we search for information on the Internet. Cepac lawyer marketing has begun to harness its power for their clients; and with Facebook’s latest announcement it has reaffirmed its position as a major player in the marketing arena.

The social media giant’s big announcement unveiled that Facebook is now moving into Google’s territory with its own “social search” algorithm that could potentially be a game-changer for lawyer marketing.

Facebook’s newly patented curated search; “Visual tags for search results generated from social network information,” has the ability to generate search results and rank the results according to a link’s popularity within a person’s group of Facebook friends. The amount of friends a user has will determine how relevant the results will be; but even if you have less than several hundred friends, Facebook can expand the person’s social network to include people who are classified as being within a few degrees of separation,” reported MSNBC.

According to Facebook’s social search patent, the social search invention is another technique to improve the relevance of search results. Facebook’s social search results are generated in response to a Facebook users query, which are then ranked based on the frequency of clicks on the search results by your Facebook “friends.” This gives the Facebook user the advantage of recommended search results generated from links and websites that their friends have checked out prior to their query.

It is apparent that social media is steadily becoming a major player in our daily lives. Facebook is here to stay, and it’s important for lawyers to embrace social media’s marketing power if they want to actively market their firms on the Internet.

Here are four reasons why your law firm should create and use a Facebook account:

• Facebook currently has 600 million users (and growing) that can potentially “like” your law firm page, and expose your firm and attorneys to their friends on and off the social networking site.

• Bing has recently incorporated Facebook “likes” into their search query, which will now appear alongside search engine results. This integration creates double exposure every time someone “likes” your page on Facebook. The “like” now will be broadcast to Facebook’s vast network of users and appear in Bing search results, which essentially works as a personal endorsement as one searches the web. This can build consumer confidence and may also help to minimize lawyer shopping.

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• By posting articles, news and updates on the firm, verdicts and other relevant information on your Facebook page, it provides a back link to your website that helps boost your rankings on Google every time your link is shared by your friends on Facebook. This also creates trust among users and potential clients who see the link, the number of people that have viewed it and thought it was relevant enough to share.

• Facebook currently holds the #1 spot for online display ads at 23 percent, accounting for 297 billion ad impressions, which is higher than the total of all display ads on Google, Microsoft, Fox and Yahoo sites combined. Your display ads combined with your Facebook page can create nearly limitless visibility.

The legal advertising team at Cepac lawyer marketing is skilled at creating and implementing top-notch social media campaigns, which target relevant consumers, turning “friends” into clients. Cepac lawyer marketing offers effective social media campaigns that utilize proven tactics to build your law firm visibility, awareness and client base.

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