Lawyer Internet Marketing: IAB Report Says Internet Marketing is Thriving

Lawyer Internet Marketing: IAB Report Says Internet Marketing is Thriving


06/30/2011 // Dallas, Texas, USA // Rene Perras…… Le Buzz // Rene Perras

(Lawyer Internet Marketing News) — Online advertising and marketing is alive and thriving, according to the latest report from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). Attorneys looking to launch a comprehensive lawyer Internet marketing campaign will find that the numbers speak for themselves:

• Record numbers were reported for yearly advertising revenue as well as record quarterly highs in Q4 2010.

• Search was most the popular ad format in 2010, which represented 46% of revenue and saw 12% growth from 2009.

• Display-related advertising – which includes Digital Video Commercials, Ad banners/display ads, sponsorships and rich media – continued to grow this year, totaling nearly $10 billion with an increase of 24% over 2009.

• The Annual Report marks the debut of estimated US mobile ad revenue for 2010: between $550 and $650 million.

Let’s not forget about social media sites like Facebook who accounted for more than 31% of all display ad impressions in the US last quarter, according to a comScore report.

These numbers prove that the Web is an excellent medium to invest your law firm Internet advertising dollars in. It’s obvious that lawyer Web marketing firms wouldn’t be pouring so much money into law firm Internet advertising if the lawyer Web traffic and results did not provide such a solid return on the law firm’s investment. The Internet is a growing and it is a fruitful medium for law firm advertising firms, who are apparently seeing positive results.

The law firm marketing gurus at Cepac lawyer marketing believe that search and display advertising are solid tools for lawyer Internet marketing efforts, but they still believe that attorneys need the whole “lawyer Internet marketing kit” to get optimal marketing results, beyond search and display ads. Law firms should also be incorporating a comprehensive lawyer Internet marketing campaign, which include a lawyer website, a blog or Cepac-powered Vision Smart attorney newsroom, social media accounts and a search engine optimization (SEO) program to tie all the aspects of your lawyer Internet marketing campaign together.

There’s no point of showcasing your lawyers across the Web if your law firm doesn’t have the proper lawyer website, or cannot be found on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, as our society has seemingly become an Internet and social media-driven world.

“The IAB advertising numbers embolden law firm marketers who are trying to explain to apprehensive law firms, that lawyer Internet marketing campaigns are the way to go. The more traditional avenues of advertising (TV, radio and print) are seemingly taking the backseat to more modern avenues like the Internet and social media, because of innovations like smartphones (iPhone, Android), tablets (iPad) and laptops, which can be used on-the-go,” explains law firm marketer Rene Perras.

Cepac, lawyer marketing agency offers highly effective Internet marketing, advertising, social media campaigns and online public relations; along with more traditional lawyer marketing approaches including television, radio and print advertising.

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