Lawyer Web Videos: Lose the Boring Web Videos, Replace with Compelling Messages

Lawyer Web Videos: Lose the Boring Web Videos, Replace with Compelling Messages


06/30/2011 // Montreal, QC, Canada // Rene Perras…… Le Buzz // Rene Perras

I have often been asked by law firms what is the best approach to producing lawyer Web videos; and how can my lawyer Web videos stand out from the competition by making them more engaging and informative?

Lawyer Web videos need to be compelling and engaging, which help your prospect clients connect with you and your law firm. Lawyer Web videos don’t have to be the stiff lawyer in a suit, standing in front of bookcase full of law books, asking if you have been injured and to call XYZ Law Firm. You need to give the consumer something in return to induce them to pick up the phone and call your law firm for a legal consultation. For example:

1. Give Advice, Tips and Answers: No one is going to watch your lawyer Web videos if they are the typical “if you have been injured” video. Law firms need to give the potential client an incentive to pick up the phone and call your law firm; and the incentive is your knowledge and expertise showcased in your lawyer Web videos. One way lawyers can make their lawyer Web videos engaging is by making them interview style, with someone asking the attorney questions that a consumer may have in a particular legal field. Attorneys could also give primers about vehicle safety, offer advice to consumers who may have just been involved in a crash or were injured due to someone else’s negligence. By doing this, your law firm is showcasing their legal expertise and instilling confidence in potential clients.

2. Use Your Attorneys in your Lawyer Web Videos: Our experience has shown that potential clients respond better to seeing the actual faces of the lawyers they may retain to handle their case, rather than a spokesperson. If your law firm has multiple attorneys, feature a different attorney on each lawyer Web video. By using your attorneys in your lawyer Web videos, it gives consumers a sense of security and confidence in your law firm. Familiar faces help to ease apprehensive potential clients, who are nervous about hiring a lawyer.

3. Hire a Qualified Lawyer Web Video Director: Law firm TV commercials and lawyer Web videos seemingly always have a stiff lawyer in a suit, standing in front of a bookcase with an ultra serious face, which is caused by poor directing of your lawyer Web video. Hiring a qualified lawyer Web video product company to direct and manage the attorneys in the production arena will eliminate these kinds of poor and routinely imitated lawyer Web videos.

At the end of the day, no one wants to watch a boring lawyer Web video. Consumers will click off, before you know it if you don’t give them something to hang onto. Remember to focus your topics on those that consumers would like to know about, and what they should do if they have encountered a legal issue. Engaged and entertained consumers are consumers who will remember your law firm when they need to hire an attorney.

The CEPAC lawyer marketing team has proven experience in attorney marketing and creating powerful lawyer Web videos and attorney websites. If you are ready to increase leads for your firm then contact CEPAC today for a free consultation on how to gain visibility, and effectively market your law firm. Call Rene Perras or visit to take your law firm to the next level with lawyer Web videos.

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