Business Litigation Lawsuit: Britney Spears Sued Over Perfume Line for $10M

06/07/2011 // WPB, FL, USA // Personal Injury Lawyers News // Nicole Howley

Los Angeles, CA (Business Litigation Lawsuit News) — Pop superstar Britney Spears is no stranger to legal trouble, as she has just found herself embroiled in a new business litigation lawsuit filed by the licensing firm that helped Spears launched her fragrance line. The business litigation lawsuit, which is seeking $10 million, was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on May 30, requesting the singer to submit to a deposition in the case, reported CBS News.

The plaintiffs, Brand Sense, are requesting to depose the 29-year-old singer before she leaves on her upcoming Femme Fatale tour.

Because Spears is still under her 2008 court-ordered conservatorship, her lawyers contend that she is incompetent to testify in a deposition. Brand Sense has asked a judge to order Spears to submit to the deposition in this case.

According to court documents, obtained by TMZ, Brand Sense claims it brokered Spear’s deal with a lucrative cosmetics deal with Elizabeth Arden in 2004, in which Brand Sense would receive a 35 percent commission on any of the Spears-branded fragrances sold. Brand Sense claims Spears told Elizabeth Arden to send all royalties to her, thus cutting the licensing firm out of the deal.

The business litigation lawsuit further claims that Spear’s father, Jamie Spears—who is also named as a defendant in the lawsuit—said the 35 percent commission was too high and Britney did not want to pay that. In return, Spears “secretly made a separate deal with Elizabeth Arden in a sneaky, under-handed effort to circumvent and evade its obligations to Brand Sense.”

A hearing for the business litigation lawsuit is scheduled for July 11.

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