Law Firm Marketing: Attorneys Can Get New Cases Through Google Retargeting

05/10/2011 // West Palm Beach, FL, USA // Rene Perras…… Le Buzz // Rene Perras

(Law Firm Marketing News) — Have you ever wondered how your law firm could recapture departing visitors to your lawyer website? Well the Internet marketing experts at CEPAC lawyer marketing know just what to do. It’s called Google retargeting.

Retargeting is way to recapture Internet visitors to your lawyer website, who happened to leave your law firm website for one reason or another. This is an excellent way to get the potential clients back to your lawyer website to hire your attorneys. The retargeting ads are placed on other websites in the Google Display Network, presenting your tightly targeted message and enticing their visitors to come back to your lawyer website for another look at your attorneys.

Retargeting works like this:

Mary has just recovered from a horrific automobile accident and is just now considering hiring a car accident attorney to represent her in court. While searching on Google, Mary came across and clicked on a Los Angeles car accident lawyer’s website. She browsed the pages and became interested, but just before she was able to pick up the phone and call, her sister came over to visit and completely distracted Mary.

The next day, as Mary was browsing the Web, she noticed an ad on a site she was visiting from the Los Angeles car accident lawyer that she had almost called the day before. This reminded Mary that she was in the process of calling the attorney when she was interrupted. Mary then clicked on the ad, which redirected her to the lawyer website and she picked up the phone to call the law firm.

Whenever you visit a lawyer website that utilizes Google retargeting, a cookie from that lawyer website is stored in your Internet browser. So when you visit other websites, an ad placed by the previous lawyer website you visited will pop-up on other pages. This helps to remind consumers of where they have been, enticing them to come back and make the motivated purchase, or in a lawyer’s case, a phone call. The ads can be targeted specifically to the page that they visited on the lawyer website – car accidents, medical malpractice, employment law, etc.

Retargeting can actually be more effective and cheaper than pay-per-click advertising, which is commonly used by law firm marketers. Aside from creating awareness for the advertiser, the frequency of the ads gives the consumer the feeling that this attorney has stature because they seem to be everywhere.

The attorney marketing specialists at CEPAC lawyer marketing are skilled in implementing retargeting for attorneys and lawyer websites, as well as Internet marketing, SEO and private-label newsrooms for attorneys. For more information on law firm marketing and how to create exposure and visibility with retargeting, contact Rene Perras or visit

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