Lawyer Web Videos: Don’t Fall Victim to Common Web Video Marketing Mistakes

Lawyer Web Videos: Don’t Fall Victim to Common Web Video Marketing Mistakes


05/06/2011 // West Palm Beach, FL, USA // Rene Perras…… Le Buzz // Rene Perras

(Lawyer Web Videos News Alert) — Lawyer marketing through Web videos sounds easy enough—shoot a video and post it on one of the many video-hosting sites like Youtube, Vimeo or Hulu—but it’s not that simple. Law firms have often tried marketing themselves (before ultimately hiring a professional lawyer marketing agency) and have learned that there is a lot more to it than posting lawyer Web videos and expecting the legal inquiries to come rolling in.

Lawyer Web videos are an integral piece of a law firm marketing mix, because not only are they another avenue to gain exposure, they humanize your attorney website and help to instill a sense of confidence in potential clients. Seeing the face behind the law firm name and brand helps to soften the uneasiness about hiring a lawyer, while boosting the potential client’s confidence in your law firm.

Lawyer Web videos often feature educational content, question and answer segments, TV commercials, testimonials, commentary, PSA ‘s and other interesting videos your lawyers may have come across on the Internet and feel they are important enough to share with your potential clients. But, if you’re not careful you could be making one of the many common mistakes associated with lawyer Web video marketing.

1. Failing to Properly Optimize Your Lawyer Web Videos for Search: What’s the point of making lawyer Web videos for your law firm that no potential clients can find? Web video optimization is really no different then optimizing for an attorney website. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which includes optimized keywords, knowing where the Internet traffic is flowing, tags and links is also how lawyer Web videos (like attorney websites) achieve number one ranking on YouTube and search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

2. Failing to Include a Call to Action: Consumers are not watching your lawyer Web videos because they had extra time and thought they may check them out; consumers are watching them because they have a potential case and are looking for an attorney to represent them. Your lawyer Web videos need to include a call to action at the end, asking them to visit your attorney website or even pick up the phone to call your law firm directly. Some video players have built in interactive features, which could allow your law firm to include a legal case inquiry form, or a direct link to your attorney website embedded in the video via hyperlink overlays.

3. Not Utilizing Social Media: We live in a social media-powered society. Virtually everyone has a Facebook or Twitter account, making social media that much more important when trying to attract new clients. Facebook allows users to upload videos from their YouTube account, directly onto their Facebook page to share with their friends. This allows limitless visibility and possibility for your lawyer Web videos to be shared and talked about by others.

4. Failing to Enable Comments and Sharing Features: Sharing and interactivity are the best way to optimize your lawyer Web videos, because each time your video is shared or talked about, it creates buzz and a link to the video. Each link acts like a vote of confidence, which helps your search engine rankings. Comments also add relevant on-page text to your lawyer Web videos’ landing page that can also assist search engine indexing and optimization. Enabling viral sharing widgets and tools that are embedded within the video player are the easiest way to accomplish this.

The CEPAC lawyer marketing team has proven experience in attorney marketing and creating powerful lawyer Web videos and attorney websites. If you are ready to increase leads for your firm then contact CEPAC today for a free consultation on how to gain visibility, and effectively market your law firm. Call Rene Perras or visit to take your law firm to the next level with lawyer Web videos.

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