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04/08/2011 // West Palm Beach, FL, USA // Rene Perras…… Le Buzz // Rene Perras

(Law Firm Website Design News) — Lawyer marketing professionals have often told law firms who want to market on the Internet that when it comes to Google and achieving top rankings on the search engine that “content is king.” But, Google isn’t the only major player on the Word Wide Web anymore; social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are steadily becoming a top spot to be, if your law firm wants high visibility and steady Internet traffic to your law firm website.

The same is true with social media and social search, “content is king” and top lawyer website placement on Google’s search engine results pages (SERP) is still important; but with the latest announcements by Bing and Facebook, social search is becoming a new way for consumers to integrate Facebook and surfing the Web into one spot.

Recently, Microsoft’s Bing announced they integrated with Facebook’s “likes,” which will now appear alongside search engine results, while Facebook revealed they have created a “social search” algorithm of their own. It is apparent that social search, which uses your social circle on Facebook and their clicks on links and their “likes” to provide relevant search data for your query, is quickly becoming a new avenue for gaining visibility and consumer confidence for your law firm.

Social search still relies heavily on content when ranking attorney websites, but a whole new approach to search engine optimization (SEO) needs to be adopted if you want your law firm website to be found and hired by potential clients. Law firm SEO often utilizes public relations tactics through press releases, articles, educational pieces and other announcements as content. These articles spotlight the law firm’s achievements, knowledge, and experience as well as giving a potential client a sense of security about your firm’s knowledge in your area of legal practice.

So how do attorneys create quality content that it is found through social search, and is interesting enough for potential clients to click on and stay engaged in what your law firm has to say?

1) Catch Their Eye With Your Headline By Creating Interest: The first thing anyone ever sees and reads is the article’s headline. The headline basically determines if the reader is going to continue reading the article. If it isn’t interesting or doesn’t pique an interest, it is likely they will pass over the article without reading it in its entirety. Good headlines help to boost clicks, especially from social networks like Twitter where users don’t see a blurb or image relating to the article.

2) Incorporate Pictures: Visuals like pictures and charts help draw readers into your article and keep them engaged. Facebook automatically retrieves the picture attached to your article when people share your story on the social media site. Engaging pictures help to capture audience attention from outside and draw them into your law firm website.

3) Write About Relevant and Interesting Topics: You’re not going to draw an audience if your law firm only writes about attorney and law firm news covering your latest settlement or case. The general public typically doesn’t care; therefore you’re not drawing new potential clients to your website. Writing articles about statistics, studies and other public service information will pique peoples’ interest. Raising awareness about distracted driving, car crashes, workplace injuries and other areas of law can help people develop trust in your law firm’s knowledge and expertise, which results in consumer confidence.

Law firms often fall short after they have successfully created and optimized their articles and press releases by only publishing their articles and press releases to their blog. While that may add content to your lawyer website and get crawled by Google, it hardly guarantees that your content will be found. Cepac lawyer marketing, a top-notch Internet marketing firm for lawyers, has solved that problem through their state-of-the-art private-label newsrooms for law firms. CEPAC’s law firm newsrooms focus on user-generated content, which is published on the newsroom by the law firm including firm updates, commentary, news articles, press releases, and other content that attorneys choose to add. These private label attorney newsrooms, complete with a search engine optimization feature, allow your law firm’s message to be syndicated and heard across the web with the push of a button.

The powerful and one-of-a-kind online legal newsroom product, Smart News Technology, gives your law firm the best chance for pickup on search sites such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Virtually no other product offers attorneys and law firms this exclusive ability to establish high visibility and improve search engine and website rankings.

CEPAC lawyer marketing, a legal advertising agency, offers “Grade-A” lawyer marketing services like newsrooms, social media and advertising campaigns, along with more the more traditional lawyer marketing approaches including TV, radio and print advertising.

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