Burger King Kid’s Meal Toy is Raising Safety Concerns

05/03/2011 // WPB, FL, USA // Personal Injury Lawyers News // Nicole Howley

Grand Junction, CO — Concerns are rising over a Burger King kid’s meal toy after one parent noticed the toy given in the kid’s meal had melted and could have posed a serious risk to their child. The toy in question was acquired at the Burger King on Horizon Drive, reported KJCT8.

Claire Card and her friend Sarah Wilson both bought the bracelet that you can get in a girl’s kids meal on Sunday, when they noticed something was wrong.

Card, who is speaking on behalf of Wilson, said “Her daughter ended up getting the happy meal and maybe an hour later brought it to Sarah saying it wouldn’t light up anymore.”

Wilson inspected the bracelet and noticed that the bottom of it had melted from the inside out. The inside was reportedly completely charred.

“She didn’t get hurt. But had she been wearing this when it actually burnt through, that’s a third degree burn,” Card said to KJCT8 .

Wilson reportedly called the manger at the Burger King where the toy was purchased, as well as the company’s corporate office.

KJCT News 8 visited the Burger King and specifically asked for the toy in question. They turn on the bracelet and left it to see if it too would melt. After about an hour, the hottest the toy got was 78 degrees and showed no signs of it melting.

Burger King, told KJCT8 in a statement that toys are “subject to a comprehensive testing program that is administered by an independent safety testing lab… we are not aware of any components that would create the scenario described.”

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