Palm Beach County Sherriff’s Deputy Sued for ‘Chinch Bug Attack’

05/02/2011 // WPB, FL, USA // Personal Injury Lawyers News // Nicole Howley

West Palm Beach, FL — A recent lawsuit filed in the Palm Beach County Circuit Court has accused a Palm Beach County sheriff’s deputy of unleashing a chinch bug attack on their neighbor’s yard, with help of his training as a detective in the agriculture unit, reported The Palm Beach Post.

Detective Terrance Senecal is being accused of nearly destroying Judith Rhoads and Sarah Nelson’s one-acre yard in The Acreage. Rhodes and Nelson, who moved next to Senecal in 2004, claim this part of Senecal’s two-year campaign against them.

The plaintiff’s attorney asserted that loud music, car horns, fireworks and roaring engines are among the ways Senecal has harassed the women. To restrict the alleged noise, the plaintiffs planted shrubs and covered their windows with hurricane shutters, but it did not help shield the noise.

The cost of treating the yard and replacing the grass is estimated at between $16,800 and $25,000, according to Rhoad’s and Nelson’s lawyer.

Senecal has claimed in the past that the women have harassed him by making baseless noise complaints to police.

The plaintiff’s attorney claim they have evidence that Senecal has caused the chinch bug invasion.

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