New York Injury Attorney News: Man struck, killed by city bus in Bronx

04/20/2011 // New York City, NY, USA // New York City Accident Lawyer // Jonathan C. Reiter

New York City – (New York Injury Attorney News) On Thursday, February 10, 2011, a 76-year-old man was struck by a city bus at the intersection of Castle Hill Ave. and Starling Ave in the Bronx and crushed to death, as reported by New York Daily News. The man, who was on his way to buy groceries, was the father of 10, according to police. New York Injury Attorney Jonathan C. Reiter stated the victim has been identified as Eddie Cortes.

The city bus involved in the auto accident that caused the death of Eddie Cortes did not stop, according to police, possibly because the driver did not know he struck a pedestrian. Police officers stopped six city buses on the BX22 line in attempts to find the offending driver, but to no avail, according to reports received by New York Injury Attorney J.C. Reiter.

Witnesses and grieving relatives, including four of Cortes’ daughters, spent hours at the site of the accident on Thursday evening, grieving and consoling one another. His wife, 76-year-old Aida, lamented, “He was a good husband, a good father and a good friend for everyone.”

Becky Cortes, a 37-year-old daughter of the deceased, described her father as “a good person, a happy person and a very good father, who was just trying to cross the street” when the auto accident occurred, as stated by New York Injury Attorney Jonathan Reiter.

New York Injury Attorney J.C. Reiter stated that police reported there is no suspicion of criminality, but a man who lives in the neighborhood described the buses that travel through the intersection as “reckless.”

MTA officials declined to comment on the auto accident, according to New York Injury Attorney Jonathan Reiter.

New York Injury Attorney Jonathan Reiter reports that, in 2009, 256 traffic-related fatalities occurred, an all time low, according to the Department of Transportation. According to DOT reports released Monday, February 7, 2011, auto accident deaths rose 5 percent to 269.

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