New York Aviation Accident Attorney Reports: Commercial Airline Deaths Up in 2010

/ C. Reiter/ 04/11/2011

New York, NY – (Aviation Accident Attorney News) According to information released Wednesday, February 23, 2011, by the International Air Transport Association, commercial airline deaths worldwide rose 15 percent in 2010, while the accident rate of Western-built jets fell to an all-time low. The International Air Transport Association, a trade group for the world’s airliners, findings were reported by ABC News the same day.

According to the IATA and ABC News, 786 people died in 23 different airline accidents in 2010. This figure is an increase from the 685 deaths in the 18 crashes of 2009. The numbers include all jets and turboprops operated on commercial flights. They do not include private or military aircraft.

No fatalities involving U.S. commercial airlines occurred in 2010.

The most common cause of airline accidents were planes missing the runway during takeoffs or landings. A large number of those accidents involved wet runways or too much speed.

According to the IATA, one serious accident occurred for every 1.6 million Western-built airline flights. In 2009, the accident rate was one serious accident for every 1.4 million flights. IATA also pointed out that 2.4 billion people flew without harm on 36.8 million jet and turboprop flights in 2010.

Accident rates were lowest in North America and the former Soviet republics, followed by Asia and Europe. Rates in the Asia-Pacific region, Middle East-North Africa and Latin America-Caribbean were higher than the world average. The highest rate of airline accidents was in Africa in 2010. According to IATA, African airlines accounted for two percent of worldwide passenger traffic, but 23 percent of serious accidents.

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