Bay Area Workplace Accident Lawyer: Dockworker loses both legs at Oakland Port

Bay Area Workplace Accident Lawyer: Dockworker loses both legs at Oakland Port


04/04/2011 // San Francisco , CA, USA // Mary Alexander // Bay Area Workplace Accident Lawyer Mary Alexander

Oakland, CA (Bay Area Workplace Accident Lawyer News) — A female dockworker lost both of her legs after she was run over by a container lift at the Port of Oakland on March 2, 2011. The workplace accident occurred around 4 a.m., at the Ports America terminal as the worker was leaving the dock at the end of her shift for the night.

The San Jose Mercury News reported that the dockworker was among several other employees who had just finished a night shift and were on their way off the dock. The container lift, which is used to hoist the shipping containers and move the units around the docks, was also leaving the dock.

Apparently the heavy machinery operator did not see the worker and hit her.

“It was raining, the equipment and pedestrians all converged at that one location, and consequently she was run over and lost both of her legs,” Richard Mead, president of ILWU Local 10 said. “The union immediately demanded that Ports America change the configuration and they subsequently have, but it’s too late. It’s a tragedy.”

Because of the reconfiguration, the gate was moved about 1,000 yards and pedestrians and equipment are forced to pass through the same area, Mead reported.

The worker, who remains unidentified, was rushed by responding emergency crews to Highland Hospital for treatment of her serious injuries.

The driver of the giant forklift-like machinery, called a top lifter, volunteered for a drug test that came out clean. The operator is reportedly “beside himself” and is seeking therapy.

Cal-OSHA investigators are looking into the workplace accident. Ports America declined to comment regarding the Oakland Port accident.

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