Edgewater, FL Homeowners Association: $100 Fine if your Kids are Playing Outside

04/04/2011 // Greensboro, NC, USA // Personal Injury Lawyers News // Nicole Howley

Edgewater, FL– One homeowners association is trying to implement a new ordinance which would fine parents $100 every time their children are playing outside. Many neighbors want Persimmon Place homeowner’s association to include a new rule to stop children from playing outside unsupervised, reported CFNEWS 13.

Some homeowners say that others in the neighborhood want the ordinance because children playing outside makes too much noise, but advocates for the rule say it’s for their safety.

Anyone caught in violation would be fined $100.

“They want to run, play tag with their friends and not have to be charged 100 bucks to do so,” said mother Showna Magee to News 13.

Twenty-five of the 48 homeowners would have to vote in favor of the rule in order for it to pass.

Some homeowners are speaking to lawyers in case the rule goes into effect.

The speed limit inside the Persimmon Place’s parking lot is five miles per hour, which is slower than driving on the beach.

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