Gun Shots on Chicago’s South Side Caused CTA Bus Crash, Injured 11

03/29/2011 // Greensboro, NC, USA // Personal Injury Lawyers News // Nicole Howley

Chicago, IL — Gun shots spurred a two-vehicle collision on Chicago’s South Side that injured 11 people, when a car crashed into a Chicago Transit Authority bus. The automobile accident occurred around 9:20 a.m., reported the Chicago Tribune.

According to police officials, the shots caused a car to slam into the bus, which then hit a light pole.

No one was shot, but 11 people were injured in the collision. It is largely unknown if the shooting was related to the crash.

According to witnesses, the gunmen leaving a truck started firing their guns in the neighborhood; some believed that their target was the first vehicle.

“These young guys stepped out with AK-47s or Uzis or something and shot up the whole block,” Al Perkins, a cook at Ryan Anthony’s restaurant in the neighborhood, told The Chicago Tribune.

Responding emergency crews rushed 11 people to area hospitals. Two of the victims were listed in serious to critical condition. Three people refused medical treatment at the scene. The bus driver sustained cut hands and other lacerations.

Authorities reported that many of the injuries were caused by flying glass.

Police officials are investigating who was involved and what the gunmen’s intended target was.

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