3-year-old left alone AGAIN in Tampa daycare van; Mother demanding answers

3-year-old left alone AGAIN in Tampa daycare van; Mother demanding answers


03/04/2011 // Greensboro, NC, USA // Personal Injury Lawyers News // Nicole Howley

Tampa, FL—Not once, but twice the same 3-year-old child was left alone in a van for hours at the Children’s Adventure Center in Tampa, and his mother is demanding answers. The young boy was picked up by the daycare center director at 8 a.m., and was left alone, without air conditioning, food or drink for about four hours before being found, as reported by Bay News 9.

This is the second time Jusean Henderson, 3, has been left alone in a daycare van. It just so happens that an inspector from the Hillsborough County Childcare Licensing made an unannounced visit to the daycare and found Jusean still in the van.

“They called me almost a quarter to 12 to tell me my baby was left in the van again, to come get my baby,” Aundria Young, the child’s mother, said.

“The daycare needs to be closed down, the director needs to go to jail, something needs to be done,” Young said.

Just a few weeks ago, Jusean was left in the same van by himself. Jusean’s mother claims the only reason she brought her son back to the daycare center was because they fired the bus driver who left her child in the van.

Police officials and licensing inspectors are still investigating that case. The daycare remained open and no arrests have been made.

Once the police department completes their investigation it will be sent to the State Attorney’s Office for a decision. The Director of Hillsborough County Child Licensing said they will also investigate the incident, before they make any decisions on whether to close the daycare center.

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