Social Media, SEO and Web 2.0: Crucial Tactics for Law Firm Internet Marketing

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Law Firm Internet Marketing News– So much information on how to approach law firm Internet marketing, and where to put your money has been thrown at you as you began your search on how to create a successful online advertising and marketing campaign. Confusing terms like search engine optimization (SEO), social media, law firm websites, and blogs have been swirling in your head as you decide where to put your marketing bucks, as Internet marketing firms explain how and why each facet of your campaign is beneficial to one another.

No single marketing component is “powerful” enough to stand alone in terms of bringing visibility and new clients to your law firm. A comprehensive law firm marketing campaign is imperative to creating brand awareness, visibility, and to attract new clients and cases. Utilizing lawyer websites and private label attorney newsrooms, an exclusive marketing product offered by CEPAC Inc., SEO and social media can actually benefit one another.

This is how:

Law Firm Websites: First, you need to be found on the Internet, most notably on Google, Yahoo and Bing by potential clients. People no longer thumb through the Yellow Pages looking for a lawyer or solely rely on a personal recommendation; they are searching the Internet and doing their own educated research. If you don’t have a website, you likely won’t be found. This attorney website serves as the foundation of your Internet marketing plan.

Attorney Newsrooms/Blog: CEPAC’s law firm newsrooms center around user-generated content, which is published on the newsroom by the law firm. These should include firm updates, commentary, news articles, press releases, and other content that attorneys choose to add. These private label attorney newsrooms, complete with a search engine optimization feature, allow your law firm’s message to be heard across the web with the push of a button. The powerful online legal newsroom product, Smart News Technology, gives your law firm the best chance for pickup on search sites such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. These articles also link back to your law firm website, boosting your visibility and rankings on search engine result pages (SERP) by creating authoritative links. The articles can also be broadcast to your social media pages, gaining even more for visibility for your attorneys.

Google also gives more weight to fresh user-generated content, which is the content your attorneys post on your legal newsroom. This user-generated content actually boosts your website rankings on Google. Each time that your content is changed, added to, or updated on your law firm website; Google Caffeine will consider the updates as new content, allowing for better placement and relevancy in search engine results pages (SERP), as previously reported in, “Law Firm Marketing News: User Generated Content Packs a Bigger Punch with Google.”

Social Media: Creating social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter are key in successful marketing campaigns. Pretty much everyone is on the social media sites, which creates a pool of potential clients for your law firm to market to. Posting articles, news and updates on the firm, verdicts and other relevant information, which provides a back link to your website helps to boost your rankings every time it is “re-tweeted” or your link is shared by your friends on Facebook.

Google prides themselves on providing the most relevant search results to consumers, so in doing so, they recognize social media people as real people. When the post is shared by the social media users, it helps Google gauge the relevancy of the page. While sharing on social media sites don’t necessarily create a lot of “juice,” it does create trust among users and potential clients who see the link, the number of people that have viewed it and thought it was relevant enough to share.

SEO: Lastly, to make everything cohesive, you will need a comprehensive SEO program for your website and blog. SEO will help place your law firm website and articles at the top of SERPs and above your competitors. Your legal website needs to be optimized for keywords and phrases relevant to your practice area and who you are marketing to, so that local consumers searching the Internet can find your website on search engines.

Cepac, lawyer marketing agency offers highly effective Internet marketing, advertising, social media campaigns and online public relations; along with more traditional lawyer marketing approaches including television, radio and print advertising.

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