Lawyer Marketing: Mobile Ads Suck, But Websites Built for Smartphones Rule

02/18/2011 // West Palm Beach, FL, USA // Rene Perras…… Le Buzz // Rene Perras

Lawyer Marketing News– With the rising popularity of smart phones like the iPhone and Androids, more and more advertisers saw and acted upon the opportunity to reach their consumers on-the-go. But, is this form of advertising really effective?

According to a survey conducted by Pontiflex and researcher Harris Interactive, nearly half (47 percent) of consumers say when they click on pop-up ads on their smartphone, it wasn’t on purpose. In addition, 61 percent of people in the 18-34 age demographic say they “accidentally” click on the pop-up ads as well.

Consumers “accidentally” click on the ads while playing games on their mobile phones; these ads appear in awkward places, which are close to the finger-tapping action, causing them to erroneously click on the ad while in the heat of the game. The majority of users felt more negatively about mobile ads than website ads.

But, Internet marketers are urging attorneys and law firms who want to advertise through personal devices like cell phones, not to completely abandon mobile marketing. Adapting your website to be “mobile friendly” and creating apps are still great ideas.

Advertisers must remember that the smartphone’s popularity is growing wildly, and more people are using their cell phones to surf the web, rather than using their home computer. The on-the-go accessibility of 3G and 4G devices allows consumers to surf the web, check their email, and search for things while waiting in line or sitting in the waiting room of their family doctor’s office.

By adapting your law firm website to a mobile format, you will become more accessible to potential clients, who may be searching for a car accident lawyer from an accident scene or hospital room, after being involved in a motor vehicle crash. The mobile sites make it much easier to read and locate information by potential clients. If your lawyer website is not configured in a mobile friendly format the words, phone numbers and other crucial information would be jumbled together and very hard to read; likely frustrating the potential client, leading them to leave your attorney website and look for another law firm to represent their case. Cepac uses industry standard mobile framework software that makes use of HTML5 to enable the delivery of audio and video to smart phones like the IPod and Android.

Apps for the iPhone or the iPad are also another good way to gain exposure. Creating an app for your law firm is relatively inexpensive considering the amount of visibility and accessibility you will create for your attorneys. The apps can contain your practice areas, contact info, blog posts and other information you feel your potential clients need. When they are downloaded by consumers, your app is a daily reminder of your law firm, as it is positioned on their iPhone’s or iPad’s main screen.

At Cepac, our 25 years of experience has given us an expertise in creating law firm marketing techniques that help you reach your desired audience with a distinctive message unique to your law firm. Cepac offers cutting edge marketing services, websites and newsrooms, which allow firms to transmit their news across a vast array of newswire partners, create high visibility and improve website rankings through this powerful news software platform.

For more information on effective lawyer marketing campaigns, attorney private label newsrooms, development of mobile framework for creating mobile apps or making a mobile friendly lawyer website, contact Rene Perras.

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