Lawyer Internet Marketing: Firefox, Google Chrome in line with FTC and Obama

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Internet Marketing News– It looks like the “Do Not Track” mechanisms are becoming a reality, as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are the first browsers to roll out the new opt-out features, in hopes of keeping the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Obama Administration from meddling further in Internet privacy and regulations.

Now Internet marketers and advertisers are anxiously awaiting the impact the programs may or may not have on government regulation of online advertising.

Google Chrome’s consumer opt-out feature “is available as an extension called Keep My Opt-Outs, which enables users to save opt-out preferences,” reported CNN.

Firefox’s “Do Not Track” program still needs work as there is still a huge loop-hole in their system. Ad trackers basically must opt-in to the “Do Not Track” program and agree to refrain from monitoring the consumer habits of those who have requested to opt-out of releasing their search information. The Wall Street Journal reported that no companies at this time have participated in Firefox’s system, although the search engine urges ad tracking companies to do so.

Microsoft is not far behind on releasing a “Do Not Track” system of their own. Last month, Microsoft revealed that they would bring back a powerful privacy feature with their search engine, Internet Explorer 9, which would block certain websites and tracking companies from monitoring them.

But, it looks like the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) isn’t backing down, despite any attempts by search engines to keep the government from implementing Internet regulations. FTC chair Jon Leibowitz threatened, “If Mozilla, Google, and other browser companies don’t address these concerns soon, they could face legislative mandates.

The Obama Administration has proposed the “privacy bill of rights,” which is focused on the commercial data-gathering industry. Lawmakers on Capitol Hill have also made it a priority to look at online-privacy issues this year.

The threat to online advertising and marketing companies is imminent as it is largely unknown what this will mean for their marketing services. But, regardless if new Internet regulations are implemented, the marketing team at CEPAC, still has an arsenal of tools to increase leads and new clients for law firms.

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