East Texas hospital sued for sending woman home in active labor

02/11/2011 // Greensboro, NC, USA // Personal Injury Lawyers News // Nicole Howley

Sherman, TX—A woman who was discharged from an East Texas hospital while in active labor has filed a lawsuit against the hospital. The lawsuit was filed against Columbia Medical Center of McKinney Subsidiary and Columbia North Texas Subsidiary GP on February 3, 2011, in the Eastern District of Texas, Sherman Division.

Wendy Cherry filed the lawsuit following the February 4, 2009 ordeal. Cherry says she visited the emergency room with the onset of severe pelvic pain. She was subsequently discharged without being stabilized or without receiving the proper medical screenings, which would have determined whether or not she was in active labor.

Not long after being released from the hospital, Cherry delivered her baby at her home with the assistance of emergency medical technicians (EMT).

Cherry claims that the delay in delivery caused an injury to her baby.

The lawsuit asserts that Cherry’s baby would not have suffered any injury if the delivery occurred at the Medical Center of McKinney. The hospital is equipped with the proper equipment, medical services and physicians who are qualified to assist in the delivery.

The suit is seeking damages for medical expense, pain and suffering, mental anguish, loss of familial consortium, physical impairment, interest and court costs.

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