Worker missing in Texas natural gas liquid plant explosion, fire

02/09/2011 // Greensboro, NC, USA // Personal Injury Lawyers News // Nicole Howley

Mont Belvieu, TX—One worker is still missing following an explosion and fire at a natural gas liquids plant in Mont Belvieu, Tuesday afternoon, February 8, 2011. The blast occurred around 12:30 p.m. at Enterprise Products petrochemical plant, which is about 30 miles southeast of Houston, as reported by Forbes and Fox News.

A plume of smoke from the explosion and subsequent fire could be seen for 30 miles, as firefighters battled to contain the flames. The fire was so intense that it caused trucks parked in a nearby lot to explode.

Officials believe the blast was caused by a “failure of some kind” on one of the plant’s pipelines that feeds liquids into the dome. Another source stated the explosions also occurred in an iso-octane unit.

One worker is still missing following the blast. Details regarding the missing worker have not been released.

Enterprise Products Partners is one of the largest NGL fractionation complexes in the world.

Investigations are underway.

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