Brrr! Establishing Employment Policies for Inclement Weather

/ 02/04/2011

As North Texans battle a long-lasting ice storm, many employers are struggling with the decision to either maintain operations with a limited staff or to shut down until the weather improves.  Keith Clouse, a Dallas employment law attorney who advises businesses on employment-related issues, believes that most employers should implement an inclement weather policy.  Including an inclement weather policy in an employment handbook establishes expectations at the outset of the employment relationship and may prevent problems from arising when a storm hits. 

Mr. Clouse suggests that employers consider the following issues when drafting an inclement weather policy:
• What situations or weather conditions will lead the business to close or to delay its opening?  Will the business close when the local public school district declares a snow day? 
• If the business plans to make an independent determination regarding closure, at what time will the decision be made?  How will the business notify employees that it will be closed? 
• If the business is open, but an employee cannot report to work because of the weather, how will the employer respond?
• Will the business offer telecommuting to certain employees during inclement weather?  If so, how will the employer manage this remote work?

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