New York City Accident Lawyer: Man Sentenced in Fatal Brooklyn Sidewalk Crash

New York City Accident Lawyer: Man Sentenced in Fatal Brooklyn Sidewalk Crash


01/25/2011 // New York City, NY, USA // New York City Accident Lawyer // New York City injury attorney Jonathan C. Reiter

New York, NY (New York City Accident Lawyer News) —A van driver was sentenced Monday, Jan. 10, 2011 to 7 to 15 years in prison in connection with a March 2009 rush hour crash that claimed the life of a pregnant Brooklyn woman and her unborn child. The fatal traffic accident occurred in close proximity to the Empire State Building on the victim’s wedding anniversary, as reported by the Associated Press. According to information provided, 29-year-old Keston Brown had a blood alcohol level that surpassed the legal limit when his van careened onto a crowded New York City sidewalk, pinning Ysemny Ramos, a mother of three who was expecting her fourth child when the deadly collision occurred, also injuring her friend.

The New York Daily News reported that jurors convicted Brown last month of manslaughter, assault and drunk driving in the March 27, 2009 Brooklyn pedestrian-van collision. He was acquitted of aggravated vehicular homicide, a felony that carries a prospective 25-year prison term. Saying that Brown was the sole responsible party in the fatal NYC sidewalk crash, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Gregory Carro sentenced him to 7 to 15 years in prison. As Ramos’ and Brown’s family tearfully awaited the judge’s ruling, Brown contended, “I beat myself up every day… I never wanted to hurt anyone.” According to Ysemny Ramos’ husband, Reynaldo Ramos, “March 27 was supposed to always be a great and happy day in our life… That day turned into the worst day of my life.”

While Brown apologized and went on to admit that he had stopped at a bar and consumed three beers and a shot of cognac an hour before the fatal traffic accident occurred, he blamed the crash on mechanical issues with his 20-year-old van. Brown claimed he lost control of his van after the engine suddenly failed. Nonetheless, eyewitnesses and prosecutors alleged, “He was speeding up and slowing down… so a co-worker could catcall at women.” Brown refuted those accusations. Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Gregory Carro maintained that if Brown had not been drinking prior to the wreck, he might have been able to react to his van’s mechanical failure in a successful manor. The judge told him, “This may be tragic for your family, but it was your doing.” It was not clear if Ramos’ family planned on filing a wrongful death lawsuit in connection with the deadly New York City drunk driving crash.

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