Making the Most of Your First Consultation with an Employment Lawyer to Discuss a Non-Compete Matter

/ 01/20/2011

Dallas, Texas non-compete lawyer Keith Clouse believes that an executive bound by a non-compete agreement should consult with an employment law attorney before taking any actions that could violate the non-compete agreement’s terms.  Mr. Clouse suggests that the executive deliver key documents to the employment law attorney prior to the initial consultation to facilitate a shorter, more productive meeting. 

Key documents to deliver include all employment contracts (including those superseded by other agreements) and all other agreements entered into with the employer, such as equity agreements or incentive plans.  (Often an employer binds an employee to slightly different non-compete terms with multiple agreements.)  An executive should also give the attorney any documents and communications between the executive and the company regarding contract negotiations and/or the executive’s departure as well as any confidential or proprietary company information that the executive holds. 

Other documents employment counsel should review include the executive’s job description and resume and, if the executive is contemplating a specific job opportunity, all communications with the new employer and all documents related to the new opportunity.  These documents will help a non-compete attorney more fully understands the executive’s prior role and assess whether the executive could violate a non-compete agreement by accepting the new position. 

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