Brooklyn Injury Lawyer News: Firefighter Charged in Hit-and-Run Crash

Brooklyn Injury Lawyer News: Firefighter Charged in Hit-and-Run Crash


01/07/2011 // New York, NY, US // New York City Accident Lawyer // New York City injury attorney Jonathan C. Reiter

Brooklyn, NY (Brooklyn Injury Lawyer News)—Prosecutors charged a New York City firefighter with negligent homicide, speeding, using a cell phone while operating a vehicle and leaving the scene of a fatal accident on Tuesday, Dec. 21, 2010, more than two months after the deadly crash occurred. According to the New York Daily News, FDNY firefighter Pat Quagliariello was speeding in his BMW SUV and was texting when he slammed into a Brooklyn pedestrian. The victim, 25-year-old Guatemalan immigrant Manuel Tzajguachiac, suffered fatal injuries in the hit-and-run accident. Quagliariello turned himself in to the NYPD’s 62nd Precinct stationhouse four hours after the fatal crash.

Pat Quagliariello seemingly called his brother, Anthony after running over Tzajguachiac at the intersection of 20th Ave. and 65th Street. Anthony Quagliariello, an NYPD detective, then brought his brother to a firehouse. Nevertheless, Pat Quagliariello subsequently disappeared from the firehouse for approximately four hours before eventually turning himself in to police. According to Deputy Police Commissioner Paul Browne, “The detective was forthcoming in reporting what happened, and there’s nothing at this point to indicate that he interfered with the investigation or prosecution of his brother.”

While a jail sentence is expected in connection with the Brooklyn hit-and-run crash, reports indicated Tzajguachiac crossed against the light and was intoxicated when Quagliariello’s SUV fatally struck him around 12:20 a.m. October 10. New York City auto accident attorney Jonathan C. Reiter stated in a previous article recently covered a NYC Health Department report, “Over a span of four years, pedestrians accounted for the majority of traffic fatalities, 52 percent, in NYC… 38 percent of pedestrians were crossing against the signal, 15 percent did not use the crosswalk, and 2 percent were not even in the road when they were fatally struck.” The full investigation of this case is underway.

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