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Delray Beach, FL—A man is missing and two others were injured after the yacht they were aboard exploded at a Delray Beach marina Monday afternoon, January 3, 2011. According to information provided by WPBF, the blast occurred as the 30-foot boat pulled up to the Delray Harbor Club Marina to refuel around 4:30 p.m.

Reports stated a boat—named the Quarterdeck—arrived at the Delray Harbor Club Marina for fuel when an explosion occurred, causing the boat to burst into flames.

According to Judy Konen, who witnessed the yacht explosion, “I really thought I was going to see the whole dock blow up… The whole building shook, and I came out onto our patio and we just looked at the water and there was billowing smoking coming from a boat.”

Delray Beach firefighters said two boaters who were standing on the top deck of the yacht jumped off of it. The two injured men, which included the yacht’s owner, 74-year-old William Ryan and his cousin, 70-year-old Paul Romanelli, were transported to Delray Medical Center for treatment.

“They looked like they had lost their hair from the explosion, and they were jumping through flames to get on the actual dock,” Konen added.

A third boater who was below deck at the time of the blast could not be found. The U.S. Coast Guard was called to the marina to help search for the missing boater, but to no avail.

Ed Beardsley, a spokesperson for Delray Beach Fire Rescue, noted, “We’re still concerned about that third person that hasn’t been located.” The missing boater was identified as the owner’s brother, 67-year-old Robert Romanelli.

Investigations into the Delray Beach yacht explosion are expected to be underway.

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