Hiring an Employment Law Attorney to Conduct Employee Training Sessions

/cdklawyers.com// 01/07/2011

Many companies train employees on key employment policies, such as discrimination and harassment.  These programs are typically designed to both help the employer comply with federal and state employment laws and to prevent harassment and discrimination from occurring.  Equally important, however, if an employer fails to properly train employees on these matters, the employer could be prevented from asserting certain affirmative defenses to discrimination claims if the employer is later sued by an employee.

An employer may opt to hire an employment law attorney to conduct these training sessions for several reasons.  First, an employment lawyer knows the most up-to-date laws and can provide real-world insight by engaging trainees in scenarios based on actual events and court cases.  Second, an employment lawyer may be able to tailor a general program to fit an employer’s industry-specific needs.  Finally, an employment lawyer may be able to train an employer’s managers or internal human resources representatives so that those employees can then conduct further internal training sessions for other groups as needed.

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