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San Francisco, CA– A San Francisco meteorologist has shed some light on just how many children tragically died last year as a result of heatstroke while trapped inside hot cars, trucks, vans or SUVs. Last year accounted for the most deaths nationwide in a single year since meteorologist Jan Null began keeping track in 1998, as reported by USA Today.

Since 1998, at least 494 children have fell victim to heatstroke, also known as hyperthermia, while inside hot vehicles. Null says in an average year, 38 children have died from being left in hot cars.

Florida came in first with six deaths in 2010, while Georgia, Arizona, Ohio and Kentucky came in behind at three deaths.

Null advocates that no children should ever be left in vehicles for any period of time.

Since the mid-1990s, when it became mandatory for children to sit in back seats due to airbag threats, the number of children who died of hyperthermia has risen dramatically. Null contributes the rising death rate to the laws requiring children to ride in the backseats of vehicles.

There have been no child deaths from front-seat air bags since 2003, reported that National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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