New York City Injury Lawyer News: Teacher Killed in Brooklyn DWI Crash

12/17/2010 // New York, NY, US // New York City Accident Lawyer // New York City injury attorney Jonathan C. Reiter

New York, NY (New York City Injury Lawyer News)—An unfortunate Brooklyn traffic crash claimed the life of a middle school teacher on Monday night, Nov. 29, 2010. According to a New York Daily News report, an inebriated red-light runner slammed into 25-year-old Moshe Berkowitz as he walked along Ocean Avenue around 11:35 p.m. The driver, whom authorities identified as 23-year-old Anel Kolenovic, was charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI), manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide and failure to stop at a red traffic light. While such criminal charges are pending, Yeshiva Birchas Shmuel students grieved over the loss of their dedicated middle school instructor.

Reports indicated Kolenovic was behind the wheel of an unspecified vehicle when he ran a red light and struck the pedestrian head on. Though it was not clear if Berkowitz was transported to an area hospital after the crash, his severe injuries eventually proved fatal. Jack Berkowitz, the victim’s father, contended, “I’m going to miss you… Even when I was at work, I didn’t care about anything else but seeing you,” noting that his son has gone “to a better place.” A student, 13-year-old Joseph Minzer expressed, “He was the nicest, greatest person I’ve ever known… He was always trying to help me with my problems and with the things I didn’t understand.” A funeral was held for Berkowitz at the Yeshiva Ohr Yitzchok in Midwood.

While the report did not specify whether Kolenovic or his unidentified passenger suffered any injuries, witnesses alleged the occupants smelled of booze following the accident. Additionally, a police source claimed Kolenovic’s blood alcohol level greatly exceeded the legal limit. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 1,156 people suffered fatal injuries alcohol-related motor vehicle accidents. Of those causalities, 611 were the drunk drivers themselves.

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