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Law Firm Marketing News: Facebook is not only the reigning king of social media; it is steadily becoming a dominant player in the Internet world. Facebook now accounts for almost one-fourth of page views and 10 percent of Internet traffic, according to a new report by Experian Hitwise. Internet law firm marketing and public relations companies are saying the time is now to embrace and harness the power of what social media can do for your brand, visibility, and check book.

Facebook currently accounts for:

• The #1 spot for online display ads at 23 percent, accounting for 297 billion ad impressions, which is higher than the total of all display ads on Google, Microsoft, Fox and Yahoo sites combined.

• Facebook accounts for one in 10 Internet activities.

• Facebook provides users with more content than YouTube (6.39%), Google (4.13%), and Yahoo (0.54%). Facebook accounted for 24.2% of page views.

• Over 500 million active users, who spend more than 700 billion minutes per month on the social site.

• More than 30 billion pieces of web content (links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photo albums, etc.) are shared each month.

• Over 150 million people engage Facebook through external websites every month.

• More than one million websites have integrated with Facebook’s platform.

In addition, Facebook has been able to entice a large number of former Google programmers to jump ship and begin working for the social media giant. This Google factor may account for 10 percent of Facebook’s work force, as implied by Lesley Stahl in a 60 Minutes interview with Mark Zuckerberg last Sunday, December 6th.

With these astounding numbers, it would be foolish not to embrace social media and actively advertise, market and promote your law firm through this interactive forum. Not only do you have an expansive and captive audience, you also have an audience who takes an active role in social media, by spreading messages of things they “like” to their “friends.”

Simply creating a business page can help your law firm gain visibility, brand awareness and “friends,” which can turn into potential new clients. But, beware; you can easily destroy your brand and reputation if you don’t know what you’re doing. You have to be careful about what messages you broadcast on the social media site. Hiring a law firm marketing company experienced in social media campaigns can achieve the marketing results you’re seeking without taking the risk of destroying your brand.

The law firm marketing experts at Cepac Inc. are skilled at creating and implementing top-notch social media campaigns, which target relevant consumers, turning “friends” into clients. Cepac offers effective social media campaigns, which implement proven tactics to build your law firm visibility, awareness and client base.

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