New Jersey Transit Bus Driver Suffers Seizure, Hits 4 Cars in Lincoln Tunnel

12/09/2010 // West Palm Beach, FL, US // Sandra Quinlan // Sandra Quinlan

Weehawken, NJ—A New Jersey Transit bus became involved in a violent collision with four vehicles Wednesday, Dec. 8, 2010, after the driver apparently suffered a seizure while traveling in the south tube of the Lincoln Tunnel. While reports did not specify if any passengers aboard the New York City-bound bus suffered injuries, as reported by KTLA.

Steve Coleman of the Port Authority said the unidentified driver of a NJ Transit bus apparently suffered a seizure about 1,000 feet short of the New York tunnel exit.

The bus subsequently smashed into four vehicles, leaving two people, who were riding in separate cars, with non-life threatening injuries.

The bus driver was reportedly rushed to Roosevelt Hospital after the multiple vehicle crash. His/her condition was not disclosed.

Coleman reported that the accident occurred at approximately 12:10 p.m. in Weehawken Township.

Though accident investigators shut down the Lincoln Tunnel’s south tube after the accident, it was reopened after 1 p.m.

According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) statistics, a total of 583 traffic fatalities were reported in New Jersey during the year 2009.

Twenty-two of those victims lost their lives in Hudson County crashes alone.

Investigations into Wednesday’s Lincoln Tunnel bus wreck are expected to be underway.

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