Female motorist lucky to be alive after Braintree Mass. commuter train crash

Female motorist lucky to be alive after Braintree Mass. commuter train crash


12/08/2010 // WPB, FL, USA // Personal Injury Lawyers News // Nicole Howley

Braintree, MA—One woman is lucky to be alive after she tried to beat a train by going around the crossing arms, consequently colliding with a commuter rail train. The commuter train crash occurred in Braintree on Monday night, December 6, 2010, on the Plymouth branch of the commuter train at the Grove Street Crossing at Grove Street and Commerce Drive, as reported by WHDH.

MBTA Police believes the female driver may have been ejected from the crushed car. The front, the side and the rear were completely smashed in as a result of the collision.

Miraculously, the driver of the vehicle not only survived the collision, but she was conscious and was able to tell officials what she did wrong.

Apparently, the crossing gates were down, when the driver drove around them in hopes of beating the train. The conductor of train was able to apply the brakes in time, but the train wasn’t able to stop fast enough.

The driver was rushed to South Shore Hospital for treatment of her serious injuries.

No one on the train was injured in the crash.

The driver will likely face charges. Investigations are underway.

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